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Mortgage Information

Mortgages in Belize

Purchasing a primary or secondary home in Belize is probably one of the most important investments you will ever make! 

Mortgages in Belize can be obtained through “on” or “offshore” banks or can be issued and carried by the owner himself.

Banks in Belize tend to be very conservative and typically offer/require:

  • Low, competitive interest rates (This may  be relative to where you currently reside).
  • Up to 20 year term repayment
  • 30% home owner’s equity in the form of land value or cash
  • Home owners and/or life insurance can also be included for your convenience and security

Repaying your mortgage over a longer period of time allows you to schedule your monthly payments according to your budget. Banks allow penalty-free repayment privileges, which allows you to prepay any amount of your mortgage each year for the life of your term without penalty or increased administration costs.

Banks also offer mortgage cancellation services through top insurance companies; in the unlikely event something happens to you, your loved ones will be secure.