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147 Acres Belize River

Belize, Belize

Price (US): $250,000

Price (BZ): $500,000

147 Jungle acres along scenic Belize River. Owner willing to sell, lease or joint venture property. Can qualify for organic status. Excellent move-in opportunity to live 100% of the grid.

Description: Approximately 900 feet river frontage fenced with hardwood posts and barbed wire with access to another 133 acres of adjoining land - all Freehold Title. 90% of acreage maintained by Bush Hog and/or lawn mower. Location: Secluded on the Banks of the Belize River (Left Hand Side Ascending) currently only accessible by boat – 1.5 miles from nearest public road. Infrastructure: One reinforced concrete House with indoor plumbing, two wooden Houses,one Compost toilet, two chicken coops, one Garage, one three acre corral. Utilities: Electricity provided by three solar systems with total storage capacity of 3.2 Kw with one 4.0 Kw back up diesel generator. Telephone – BTL and Smart Cell Services available Water – Potable water is collected in four rain water cisterns with a total capacity of 1100 Gallons - River water is pumped from Belize River for toilet, livestock, irrigation and other miscellaneous uses. Live Stock: 26 Sheep, 150 Layers and 30 Local Chickens producing an average of 8 dozen eggs per day. Equipment: - One 25 Foot Boat with 60hp outboard engine (with 25hp spare engine) - One 14 foot skiff with 5hp outboard motor. - One 16 Foot canoe - One Kubota 24 hp tractor with BushHog, Front End Loader, Rake and Box Blade. - One Long Body Land Rover - One Drip Irrigation System with one 4hp Honda Gasoline water pump, 20 foot x 2 inch suction Hose, 450 feet x 2 inch discharge Main Line, 6000 feet drip hose, Pressure Gauge - 1 5hp Lawn Mower - Miscellaneous farm tools including axes, hoes, pick axes,shovels, machetes & Wheel Barrow. - Assorted mechanic tools including air compressor, tire repair kit, multi-tester, socket sets, spanners, screw drivers - Assorted construction tools including electric drill and electric saw Fruit Trees: More than 100 Fruit trees including : Annatto , Bread Fruit, Cashew, assorted Citrus, Coconut, Craboo, Custard Apple, Mango, Noni, Plantain, Sapodilla Sour Sop. 50% of Fruit Trees are bearing trees.